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UK Private Antigen Test For Coronavirus

UK Antigen Test For Coronavirus

Coronavirus is the virus which causes COVID-19, which is a highly contagious and moderately dangerous virus which has since last year spread across the globe and is currently responsible for over 100K deaths and at least 2 million positive infections conformed by antigen tests. These tests are currently hard to obtain and are only available from dedicated resources in conjunction with certified health centers who are working with authorities agencies to ensure that correct numbers are collected for the understanding of how the pandemic is spreading in the population. These antigen tests are now available privately through dedicated companies such as The Online Clinic, who are established, trusted and licensed for private testing in the UK.

To learn more information about the available antigen testing programs available right now, please learn more before considering the home testing method.

Home testing of Coronavirus is currently unavailable!

Coronavirus testing is now available via specific labs in the UK for less than 180GBP from licensed providers. This tests for the presence of the genetic signature (RNA) of SARS-CoV-2, and soon will see the availability of antibody testing to examine if the host has already had the illness and now has developed some form of protection from the illness. This type of test is accurate to the point of letting you know that while you have already had the illness and should be safe to get back to work, there may be the possibility to be reinfected with different strains of the coronavirus which makes this an unreliable test for immunity. However, the test does offer value in the sense that if you are worried that you could have infected others or was invested with it previously the following exposure and will allow people to make better judgments in the future in protection and also to help notify people whom you may have had to contact with! Read More...

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UK Private Antigen Test For Coronavirus

UK Private Antigen Test For Coronavirus


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